I’m looking for MSDS and tech data information for products I bought from you, where can I find them?

Our Tech Data/MSDS pages contain information for many of our products. If a product isn’t listed there, you can navigate to the manufacturer’s websites or call our office.

Which manufacturers do you carry?

We carry over 40 different manufacturers, all of which are listed on our Suppliers page.

Do you ship to locations out of state?

Yes, we have several of our own trucks. We also use shipping companies to send products to our customers.

I’m trying to find a product but I don’t see it listed anywhere on your website. Do you sell it?

The majority of the products we sell are not listed in our Tech Data/MSDS section, but if the product is manufactured by one of the manufacturers we carry, then the product is either in stock in our Boston warehouse or we can have it delivered within one week.