Conproco Horizontal Concrete Repair
Conproco supplies materials and coatings for stone and concrete repair and preservation, and provides products for exterior wall systems.

Surface Preparation

ECB Rebar Coating – ECB protects rebar from corrosion and will increase the adhesion of repair materials to substrate.
Conpro Primer – Water-based, non re-emulsifying, long open time (72 hours) bonding primer for concrete repairs.
Conpro Start – Clear water-based mineral silicate solution that strengthens cement-based materials.

Repair Mortars

Quick Shot – Light weight, fast setting, high build shrinkage-compensated, economical patching cement for overhead, vertical and horizontal repairs.
Conpro Set – Single component, polymer modified, trowel applied repair mortar with ECB-Tech corrosion inhibitor.
Gun Shot LPS – Fiber reinforced silica fume enhanced, high-build repair mortar with ECB-Tech corrosion inhibitor for low pressure spray and trowel application.
Forment – Two component, flowable repair mortar with ECB-Tech corrosion inhibitor formulated to be poured or pumped into forms.
Plastermix – Portland cement-based finish and dressing for concrete.

Protective Coatings

Conpro Shield MX – Water-based environmentally-friendly high performance, clear repellent that is VOC compliant in all 50 states.
Elastideck – Two component, waterproof, flexible deck membrane.
Conpro Top Coat – Two component, cement-based coating for finishing and waterproofing horizontal concrete surfaces.
Super Color Stain – Penetrating, water-based, opaque stain for concrete and masonry.