Emseal Decks

EMSEAL manufactures and distributes pre-compressed sealants and expansion joints to commercial, industrial, and institutional users worldwide. EMSEAL is the leading innovator and manufacturer of premium sealants and expansion joint systems for the commercial construction industry as well as for numerous gasketing applications in specialty market applications.

DSM System – Ideal for new construction as well as repair or retrofit of old or failed expansion joint systems in concrete-to-concrete substrates or where demolition and removal of existing embedded metal angles is not feasible or affordable.
SJS System – The SJS SYSTEM by EMSEAL is comprised of silicone-and-impregnated-foam hybrid components that ensure watertightness, absorb sound, dampen vibration and offer uncomplicated installation.
Emshield DFR2 & DFR3 – EMSHIELD DFR2 and DFR3 are watertight, fire-rated, traffic-durable primary seals for repair, retrofit, and new installations of structural expansion joints in horizontal-plane applications.
Horizontal ColorSeal – High-movement silicone bellows system for protected deck applications beneath cover-plates, or at perimeters in decks, stadiums, arenas, etc.
Emshield SJS-FR1 & SJS-FR2 – SJS-FR1 (1-hour rated) and SJS-FR2 (2-hour rated) are designed to provide a watertight, fire-rated, trafficable joint system in 4-inch (100mm) through 10-inch (250mm) joint openings, in decks including parking decks, stadium concourses, stadium treads and risers, and other horizontal plane applications in any structure.
EMCRETE – EMCRETE is a flexible, durable, high-impact elastomeric concrete material.
Thermaflex – Watertight Membrane/Nosing Systems for parking decks and car parks including exposed top decks, bus depots, stadiums, etc.
Emshield SecuritySeal SSF2 & SSF3 – SecuritySeal SSF is a pick-resistant, watertight, 2-hour fire-rated (SSF2) or 3-hour fire-rated (SSF3), expansion joint for horizontal locations requiring a hardened tamper-resistant surface.

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