Grace Structural  Waterproofing

For more than 30 years, Grace Construction Products has been a leader in the advancement of waterproofing technologies and solutions. Grace combines innovative technologies and time-tested products to provide reliable waterproofing solutions for virtually all above grade and below grade applications. Today, billions of square feet of our membranes have been installed worldwide. Grace’s high quality membranes and drainage composites are the basis for quality waterproofing systems, helping to protect structures from the damaging effects of water.

Drainage Composites

Hydroduct® 200
Hydroduct® 220
Hydroduct® 225
Hydroduct® 660
Hydroduct® Coil 600

Underslab Vapor Barrier

Florprufe® 120

Fillets, Reinforcements, Terminations & Details

Bituthene® Edgeguard® Tape
Bituthene® Liquid Membrane
Bituthene® Mastic
Hydroduct® Tape
Preprufe® Tape

Post-Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene® Low Temperature (Above Grade)
Bituthene® 3000 and Bituthene® Low Temperature (Below Grade)
Bituthene® 4000 Conditioner
Bituthene® Deck System
Bituthene® System 4000 (Above Grade)
Bituthene® System 4000 (Below Grade)

Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Procor® (above grade)
Procor® (below grade)
Procor® Composite Waterproofing System
Procor® Deck System 3R

Pre-Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Preprufe® Waterproofing System (Preprufe® 300R/160R)
Preprufe® Low Temperature Waterproofing Membranes (300LT/160LT)
Preprufe® SCS Waterproofing System For Shotcrete
Preprufe® Preformed Corners
Preprufe® 200
Preprufe® Tieback Cover